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Are you looking for something novel and innovative? Then take a moment and consider No one works as advanced as we do. Internet is full of online shopping sites, offering variety of products which are easily accessible already. Manysolutions is not any ordinary marketplace; rather it is a platform of its own.  It commits itself to innovative products with preeminent quality. For instance;

  • It is the most convenient platform for new sellers

If your product is new and innovative, and you have no idea what to do, where to go, who to sell it, then worry no more. Manysolutions has taken care of it very well. One of the unique product by is  subwing honeycomb. will advertise your product to gain visibility among the customers. Manysolutions advertises the products professionally, according to the seller’s demands, and later on delivers them to the customers on the behalf of the seller.

  • Fraud Rate is very low

Fraud and scam are big worries these days. However, we’ve got the statistics to back it up. This marketplace is fraud and scam free. All the sellers and buyers go through identity confirmation procedure before selling or buying anything. In general, Manysolutions signs up with reliable people. Since the barriers to false entry are so high, it’s no surprise that level of fraud on this website is very low.

  • Hassle Free Delivery

Manysolutions does its best to ensure the timely delivery of all orders. On the whole, it’s not just about the product, but also about quality of delivery, packaging and a whole lot of related factors. One of the unique product by is vacuum robot.. Whether it’s on customer’s end or supplier’s end, the services provided by Manysolutions are always up to the mark.

  • Fast approval of product

Time Is Money. Manysolutions makes sure that neither suppliers, nor customers have to wait for the approval of advertisements or delivery of the products.

On very rare occasions, the approvals come outside of the estimated timeframe.

  • Trusted by thousands of customers

Last but not the least; customer satisfaction is our major concern. We sale 100% original products, with money back warrantee. That is the reason our customer feedback is always positive and the ratio is increasing day by day.

In short, manysolutions takes the lead for innovatory best marketplace excellence. Manysolutions is specialized in providing novel products that might be helpful in everyday life. The working gets easier with the help of these gadgets as they facilitate you in overcoming everyday issues.  In addition, we have a team built up to search for new quality Products, all around the world.

For future work, we are focused to take this platform on a whole new level where we will try to check out the possible solutions of the customers’ issues that come in counter on daily basis.

We take pride in being your partner of choice, and we will work hard to earn your trust, this is our promise.


Why is better ecommerce marketplace then other competitors

E commerce Market is derived from different variations, these variations have the power of making E commerce websites either flow or completely drown away. You might have different marketplace for innovative ideas to consider alleviations for your product, but here’s why you should choose as the ideal marketplace for innovative products.  One of the unique product is ono 3d printer.

  • com provides a faster product approval

There are different complications you have to face on marketplace websites while submitting your products for selling purposes. These complications are usually defined as the regulatory measures which the website takes in order to approve the idea. Websites such as Amazon, Ali Baba and EBay take different time slots to provide such approvals. This is definitely not the case with The website gives full liberty to the user and approves the innovative idea in a matter of minutes. This factor enables you to remain optimistic about the website and opt it as your preferred choice in comparison with other marketplace for innovative products.


  • Less chances of Suspension and Product Removal

I have always noticed a strange phenomenon occurring on different Marketplace websites. You might have too noticed that how different products often get removed because of the website policies. This happens when the products and company owners violate the strict rules of the website. This factor is beneficial to maintain the balance of the website but it causes the vendors to become demotivated from restoring the products. The second reason to why you should pick as the ideal marketplace for innovative products is that it provides the minimal chances of suspension. The website has made polices and rules to be completely diverse and harmonious. This makes a step higher than other marketplace for innovative ideas.


  • Multiple product listings

If there’s one thing that other marketplace websites frown upon, it’s definitely the issue of multiple product listings. Many vendors, prefer such features in an ideal marketplace for innovative ideas so that they can widespread their creations. This helps the vendors to capture different marketing segments with different products on a single platform. provides such favors to all the vendors in order to compensate their business. You don’t need to hustle for a new E commerce website; is just the right thing you need.


  • Faster Customer Service

In the end, it’s always about satisfying the customers with your product. If you draw a close comparison between and other websites, you would know that they take a lot longer to reply to queries. provides excellent, 24/7 Customer service with its live chat features and inquiry pages. This feature helps you to keep the customer happy and satisfied with the service. One of the unique product by is czur scanner.


  • Less chances of Online Fraud

Many customers, such as me, are typically afraid of buying things online because of frauds. These frauds often cause the payments to be lost, or the products to be defected. Many e commerce websites do not take the responsibility of such actions. This is not the case with The website openly announces its commitment with sheer transparency and zeal.

Annonser is a marketplace website, and here is why you should sell your innovative products here

The times have changed for different products and their owners. Marketing has no longer remained as a conventional practice because it has evolved from physical places to online presences.


We know it’s quite hard finding the right marketplace website in the flux of different people competing and new products being launched. No need to worry, is the right place for you to take a jump start with your innovative product.

One of the reasons why can be termed as the best marketplace website is the attention it has grasped from notable users. Still need a reason to be convinced? Keep on reading to know why is the ideal marketplace for innovative products. provides Assistance

We might have the same concepts as the abundant websites on the internet, but we have something which many marketplace websites lack. provides you with all the necessary tools and knowledge you need to promote you innovative ideas. The website has built in features which provides the user with blogs and technical guides. The guides helps the user understand complexities of the trades, logistics services, funds and payments transactions. The idea behind facilitating the user in the best possible way makes the best marketplace for sure. One of the innovative product by is ameo powerbreather.

It Promotes activism

It’s already tough being stressed about searching marketplaces for innovative products and to deal with boring interfaces of marketplace websites. avoids boring you to death with its attractive design. The website has become the epitome of innovation and has managed to define its interface in the same way. The attractive color schemes followed by the use of different API’s enable it to lead in the race of best marketplaces. The website offers solutions in the most productive way by ensuring the user remains active through the entire phase.

The abolishment of hidden charges

I’ve often read how many people have been victim to hidden charges and clauses while registering onto online websites. These charges cause the user to become detached from the website and lose their potential time and money. The hidden charges may offer viable profit scales but cannot sustain long term membership. provides the users with complete transparency and trust they need. The website offers you with simple registration forms and charges which are displayed on the front. These charges are fixed by the moderators and are increased/decreased with proper notifications to the merchants. One of the innovative product by is rocketbook wave notebook.


The fact that Manysolutions saves time by abolishing unnecessary forms and pages makes it the ideal choice for innovators. The website has garnered major audiences in different terrains of the world. This helps to attract traffic onto the website and laydown different innovations on a single platform.

The process of choosing marketplaces for innovative products may seem difficult,, on the other hand has also ensured this quality. The website updates its content with fresh work on daily routines in order to keep the public engaged with their website.


How to Sell Innovative Ideas: Anchor and Twist

The best thing about innovation? It takes effortless actions to sell off to the customers. Wrong, one of most tiresome and difficult part of marketing is to initiate different efforts and convince the customers. The customers are defined as a prospect who views the complete minor and major details of the products and hence subjects them to his liking. The marketplace for innovative ideas are the ones which define a change, this change, however, becomes the complete barrier in their sales. It is important for you to understand how to manage these sales by using anchors and twist strategies.

Defining Anchor and why do you need it

You might have heard the famous dialogue of Uncle Ben in Spider man “With great powers comes great responsibility” it’s finally time for you to understand how responsibility is achieved in marketing. One of the most crucial responsibilities of all marketing agents and companies is to lure in their audience. The luring of the audience sounds like it’s easy, but it takes an effort worthy of a life time. One of the innovative product by is smart stylus.

The problem with the innovative and unique idea is that they pose difficulties in penetrating the market. This idea requires an identification procedure or simply an introduction which relates them to different things.

The drawing of relation is known as creating a hook for the innovative idea. This can be explained with an example of USB devices. If you need to explain about the functions of a USB device to a layman, you can always relate the device to a floppy disk or CD. You can simply tell them «This USB is like a floppy. This method allows the customer to become aware of what the idea is and how it would replace an existing method. The anchor in this entire sentence is the floppy disk which is a well-known entity among the people.

How to use the twist?

When you’re finally successful in making an anchor for the customer, the next step becomes quite easy. The next step requires you to excite the customers into buying the innovative idea. This can be done with the help of the twist and hence it will add more flavor to your idea. The twist for the USB device can be “This makes transfer 10 times faster”. This sentence simply highlights how the USB not only saves time but allows flexibility of data transfer to the customers. One of the innovative product by is Smart beam laser.

Why combine both?

It is very common for people to confuse these two techniques and their innate importance. In my complete research, I have reached a conclusion which solves this question in a complete comprehensive way. The cumulative effort of these techniques helps to establish a call to action. You might make different marketing plans through online portals, but your innovative idea can never be pitched without a call to action. The call to action refers to the action you want from the end user. This acts as the punch line for the idea and also makes the innovative idea, worthy of the attention.

5 Reasons why you should launch your innovative Health & Fitness product on


Living a healthy life comes at a cost; the cost requires you to take different initiatives and measures to find just the right product. E commerce industries have made revolutions in the art of selling and purchasing products by integration of different methods. is a developed platform for online purchasing and selling of different niches. The website, keeping in mind the active role of health and fitness, has openly dedicated a specified section to such products. Read on more to find why you should pick for your innovative health and fitness products.

  1. Instant Access to Hungry Buyers has upped their game by referencing out new clients and traffic on their website. This has made them undertake different promotional campaigns in order to increase the awareness of the website. These methods have made a prime platform for many hungry buyers and sellers. The second reason why the website has sufficed buyers is because of the user friendly interface. This allows the customer to enhance their shopping time by being entertained by different visuals located on the website. One of the innovative product by is ring clock.

  1. Multiple Platforms

The E commerce Industry has been booming because they have provided a new way of shopping from homes. This revolution has not yet reached its mark; provides the customers and sellers with mobile applications as well. The mobile applications provide instant access to the website and products of different vendors. This makes the health items available at just a finger tip’s length. also uses other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to marketplace for innovative products and achieve multiple sales.

  1. Low Refund rates

People have become conscious about their health and fitness and hence tend to deal with products which provide them complete satisfaction. If the customer does not feel easy with the product, chances are that it would be refunded.  The refund, however, is not just limited to product satisfaction, it also occurs when the products turn out to be defected. takes the full responsibility of providing excellent quality products to the customer. The website also reconfirms all online orders from the customers in order to avoid any complications. These procedures and steps help the website to avoid refund rates which causes distress to the retailers. One of the innovative product by is smarty pans.

  1. Help is just a call away

Health and fitness products require guidelines and manuals to be used properly. Many customers often have the problem of finding the appropriate guidelines for their product. provides all customers with complete transparency and active customer service. The customer service representatives provide immediate guidelines regarding any ambiguity with just a simple call. The help line is also supported with client support email systems in order to cater for complicated issues.

  1. com Encourages Innovation

The best reason for fitness and health products to sustain in the market is the sole factor of innovation. Without innovation, these products simply fall short of sales because they cannot replace top notch products. Luckily for you, promotes innovation in their mission and vision values. The website supports innovative idea makers and provides them with a completely different platform.