How to Sell Innovative Ideas: Anchor and Twist

The best thing about innovation? It takes effortless actions to sell off to the customers. Wrong, one of most tiresome and difficult part of marketing is to initiate different efforts and convince the customers. The customers are defined as a prospect who views the complete minor and major details of the products and hence subjects them to his liking. The marketplace for innovative ideas are the ones which define a change, this change, however, becomes the complete barrier in their sales. It is important for you to understand how to manage these sales by using anchors and twist strategies.

Defining Anchor and why do you need it

You might have heard the famous dialogue of Uncle Ben in Spider man “With great powers comes great responsibility” it’s finally time for you to understand how responsibility is achieved in marketing. One of the most crucial responsibilities of all marketing agents and companies is to lure in their audience. The luring of the audience sounds like it’s easy, but it takes an effort worthy of a life time. One of the innovative product by is smart stylus.

The problem with the innovative and unique idea is that they pose difficulties in penetrating the market. This idea requires an identification procedure or simply an introduction which relates them to different things.

The drawing of relation is known as creating a hook for the innovative idea. This can be explained with an example of USB devices. If you need to explain about the functions of a USB device to a layman, you can always relate the device to a floppy disk or CD. You can simply tell them «This USB is like a floppy. This method allows the customer to become aware of what the idea is and how it would replace an existing method. The anchor in this entire sentence is the floppy disk which is a well-known entity among the people.

How to use the twist?

When you’re finally successful in making an anchor for the customer, the next step becomes quite easy. The next step requires you to excite the customers into buying the innovative idea. This can be done with the help of the twist and hence it will add more flavor to your idea. The twist for the USB device can be “This makes transfer 10 times faster”. This sentence simply highlights how the USB not only saves time but allows flexibility of data transfer to the customers. One of the innovative product by is Smart beam laser.

Why combine both?

It is very common for people to confuse these two techniques and their innate importance. In my complete research, I have reached a conclusion which solves this question in a complete comprehensive way. The cumulative effort of these techniques helps to establish a call to action. You might make different marketing plans through online portals, but your innovative idea can never be pitched without a call to action. The call to action refers to the action you want from the end user. This acts as the punch line for the idea and also makes the innovative idea, worthy of the attention.


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